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Personal Goodwill vs. Enterprise Goodwill: What's the Difference?

In today’s valuation landscape, the ability to segregate value between a person and an enterprise is incredibly relevant and brings significant financial implications. We created this eBook to give you a deep understanding of the critical differences between Personal Goodwill and Enterprise Goodwill, so you can make confident and more informed decisions.


You will learn:

  • The Distinctions Between Personal Goodwill and Enterprise Goodwill

  • Attributes of Personal Goodwill

  • Attributes of Enterprise Goodwill

  • Use Cases for Personal Goodwill and Enterprise Goodwill

  • Situational Applications

  • Setting Precedent for Personal Goodwill

  • Deciphering the Tax Court Rules

Adams Capital is a leading third-party independent business valuation firm. We support closely held businesses, public companies, high net worth individuals, attorneys, and accountants through the valuation of privately held and publicly traded companies and their business interests and assets. Our core business valuation capabilities span tax reporting, financial reporting, litigation, and transaction advisory services.

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