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Initial Contact Questions

These questions will help us get to know the business and the context of any valuation before beginning the process. With the information you provide, we can assess the scope of services required and prepare a proposal that will provide the greatest benefit for you and your client.

  1. What is your name, company, and contact information?

  2. What is the name, address, and website of the business to be valued?

  3. What is the purpose of the valuation?

  4. How will the valuation report be used?

  5. How did you hear about Adams Capital?

  6. What is the interest to be valued?

  7. What is the valuation date?

  8. Provide a description of the business.

  9. How does the business make money?

  10. Please describe the business in terms of: Products, technology, market, and competition Number of employees Annual sales Profitability/Margins Anticipated growth

  11. Are there any specific timelines that need to be considered in our deliverable due dates?

  12. Are there any unique issues we should be aware of (i.e. litigation, IRS audit, key persons, etc.)?

Thank you for taking the time to think through these questions. You have taken the first step toward gaining the most accurate financial counsel and the best path to a successful outcome.

Please email us at or call us directly at 770-432-0308​ to schedule a consultation or to learn more.


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